Battle of the Boxes | September 2013 - Beauty With Lily

Battle of the Boxes | September 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello beauties!
It's that time again...Battle of the Boxes time! Woot woot! I really enjoy this blog post, it has to be one of my favorites.
This month, my box/bag came in later than usual...way later! I saw video upon video of reviews and girls unboxing their packages, and I read so many blog posts...and I didn't even have tracking codes. Not sure why it took so long, but I finally have them. :)
So by now I hope you know a little bit about Birchbox and Ipsy--maybe you've subscribed! But in case you're new to my blog, here's a little bit of info.
Birchbox -- is a beauty subscription box filled with lifestyle and beauty sample or full-sized products for $10 a month. The great thing about Birchbox is you can earn points every month by reviewing the products you received that month, and you can use those points towards full-size products. You can also earn points by referring friends--that's why I share my link to you guys!
Ipsy -- is also a beauty subscription bag filled with beauty sample or full-sized products also for $10 a month. You earn ipsyPoints each time someone you referred subscribes and you get an extra goodie in your bag for the following month. They also provide coupon codes or discounts for the products they featured that month!
Okay, on to the good stuff!
Amika Blow Up Spray | Full-size, $24
Lightweight mist that adds lift and major shine for the perfect blowout.
Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum | Full-size, $36
With plant stem cell technology, this conquering serum targets fine lines and dark circles.
Ruffian Nail Lacquer - Fox Hunt | Full-size, $10
Vibrant orange from the fashion label's first lacquer collection. Exclusive to Birchbox!
Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Towelettes | Full-size, $7.99
Powered by our fave superfood, these oil-free wipes purify skin without any drying effects.
Yes To Grapefruit CC Cream | Full-size, $15.99
Multitasker with naturally brightening grapefruit and SPF 18 to even out and protect skin.
Starlooks Eye Kohl Pencil - Obsidian | Full-size, $12
Victoria Jackson Eyebrow Pencil - Taupe | Full-size, $14.95
Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm - Big Apple | Full-size, $19
NYX Single Eyeshadow - Velvet Suede | Full-size, $4.50
It's So Big Volumizing Mascara - Black | Full-size, $19.99
The Ipsy bag also came with a pamphlet on EM Cosmetics *not pictured* | EM Cosmetics is Michelle Phan's new makeup line. If you aren't familiar with her, she started out making YouTube videos, she still does, I love watching her videos, she has great tutorials!
The only thing I have tried is the eyebrow pencil, and I loved it!! I have swatched the other things, and I'm not disappointed in anything.
It's quite difficult choosing just ONE! But I will have to go with....Ipsy!
I really like everything that came in my bag this month.
I also liked my Birchbox! The nail polish is a pretty color, that I have in my collection. I'm all about eye serums, so I know I will enjoy that as well as the facial towelettes. I'm also really excited to try the blowout spray as well.
The reason I went with Ipsy over Birchbox this month is because...all of my products, with the exception of the mascara, are FULL SIZE products! Making my bag worth OVER $50!! So I definitely am getting my money's worth, and then some.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Are you subscribed to either service? Which do you like most? Out of my boxes, which one takes the win for you?
*Don't forget to review your Birchbox products for points!*
Until next time loves! I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!
Daily Nuggets...
-I am LOVING iTunes Radio!
-The last few days have been rainy and cloudy around's definitely starting to feel like fall!
-I woke up feeling sick and my eyes were, well still are, really swollen for some odd reason!
-I haven't done my nails ALL week, can you believe that! I usually do them 2-3 times a week...

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  1. We cannot wait to get off Ipsy's wait list! Seeing these bags every month make us want it even more!!! LOL.

    1. I hope you guys get one next month, I wasn't on the waiting list that long! You guys will LOVE it!! :)

  2. Loved seeing all the products you guys get in your boxes / bags! You guys are so lucky you have all these boxes / bags to choose from!

    Great post! x

    Luzanne |

    1. Stinks you guys don't have any of this, really wish they would make it international, they would do so good if they did! :)

      Thanks for stopping by Luzanne, you are always so sweet!

  3. You got some goo things in your ipsy bag! I'd love to know how the amika low out spray works.

    1. I know, I'm anxious to try it out, I hope it doesn't leave a residue. I might just have to post a review on it! :)

      Thanks for reading Katie!

  4. Those are great! I am still waiting :/ I love that to wait for both before you post love this idea! great post:)

    1. Hope you get it soon Laurie, you will love it!! Such awesome goodies! :)

  5. All our boxes like this have closed down in South Africa, except for one but they don't give such nice products in their boxes which is totally not worth the money :( You're so lucky you get such a nice selection of goodies in your boxes :) The Caiylin tinted lip balm looks interesting! :)
    Enjoy all your goodies!

    Loren |

    Ps: hope you feel better- get lots of rest :)

    1. I know Luzanne was telling me about it, that really stinks. They really need to consider taking it internationally!

      The lip balm is super pigmented!

      Thank you Loren, you are always so nice! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Everything looks amazing my love! I love them all! The "Yes To Blueberries" already I can just smell it and it's probably amazing! I have the "Yes to Cucumbers" facial wipes and those are awesome!!! Sometimes you can find a two pack at Target for $7.99! Keep an eye out for those the next time you go to Target my love! YAY Ipsy really did do an awesome job with this month's bag! Loves it!!! Great post like always sweetie! Looking forward to next month's already! lol! xxxx

    1. Thanks hun!! I haven't tried the wipes yet, I'm saving them for traveling, but I bet they smell delish!! :) I will have to keep an eye for that, such a great deal!

      I'm with you, I look forward to the next month as soon as I'm done opening my bag! LOL! xoxox

  7. I wish we had these in Germany, and if we did I would have gone for Ipsy too. I love what I see every month on other blogs. xx

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

    1. I know, stinks you guys can't get these services...hopefully one day they will make it international. :)

      Thanks for stopping by Shang!! :)

  8. This is a great post! I have a subscription to ipsy and I love it. I was subscribed to birch box first but ended up canceling it. It seems like they have improved their boxes though since!

    1. I've been with them since January, and I feel like they have their good and bad months. It really just depends. But most of the time I get my moneys worth that's why I've stayed with them, and I love their points system.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I've really been wanting to get these, but I still haven't decided whether or not I should. I know that they have their good and bad months, so I'm not too sure yet. Loved this post :)

    1. Yes there is good and bad every so often, but I feel like I usually get my moneys worth. :)

  10. I've never tried a subscription box before but it is so so tempting!! It would be like Christmas every month! Ohhh that Ipsy box looks amazing! And the Birchbox polish is so pretty for fall- love!! What great items they had for this month :D :D

    1. Yes, you got it! It's like Christmas every single month, I love it!! :)

  11. I love these types of rival beauty box posts! This was so much fun to read :)

  12. Love almost all of the products! Great post Lilian! X

  13. I definitely prefer the ipsy products over birchbox. I nominated you for a liebster award x

  14. I was subscribed to both the Birchbox and Ipsy bag for a while, then had to cancel them a couple of months ago. This post made me go and subscribe again immediately after. I love both of them! But, I think Ipsy won in this battle! I missed out on some great products this month. :)

  15. I got the same items as you from Ipsy. I love everything in it especially the eyebrow pencil. Im not so sure about the kohl eye pencil yet. I know that it is a kohl so it is going to smudge out a bit but I feel like my eye liner is everywhere but on my eye after a few hours lol.