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Best Under Eye Correctors

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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You may have heard me mention a time or two that I have terrible, zombie-like under eyes. I'm not over exaggerating either...if you've seen any of my videos then you have an idea -- trust me when I say that they are much worse in person. Which brings me to this post, my favorite peach under eye correctors! 

Best Under Eye Correctors For Dark Circles // How To Cover Dark Circles |

If you also have dark circles, like me, than stick around to see which correctors I recommend the most. They make a huge difference when used correctly alongside a concealer. Speaking of concealer, I have an entire post on concealer tips & tricks, that also touches on color correcting. 

Best Under Eye Correctors For Dark Circles // How To Cover Dark Circles |

Light Coverage Corrector 
  • BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector 
    • If you don't have severe dark circles and want something brightening, that will look great in photos and has little to no creasing. I think this will work great for you! I am not the biggest fan of it, because the coverage just doesn't do it for me. 
  • Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser in Neutralizer
    • This corrector is more on the yellow side, so if your darkness is more purple than blue, this is the one to go for. 

Medium Coverage Corrector 
  • Eve Pearl Duo Salmon Concealer
    • This duo is pricey -- but it gives a decent amount of coverage, it's super creamy though, which can cause some extra under eye creasing. 
  • NYX Dark Circle Concealer
    • This corrector comes in a variety of shades and really affordable. The formula on this is a bit different than the rest -- while it's still potted, it's not as creamy as the other correctors. It takes a bit to warm up and blend easily. Other than that, it's a wonderful product!

Medium To Full Coverage 
  • Benefit Erase Paste 
    • I LOVE this stuff! It's the perfect consistency and amazing coverage! The only con -- there's only 3 shades to pick from and they don't all work on all skin colors. 
  • Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector 
    • This one is quite similar to Benefit's Erase Paste, but a little less creamy. Great coverage and doesn't crease. I have a hard time deciding on which I love more between these two. 
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Best Under Eye Correctors For Dark Circles // How To Cover Dark Circles |

Have you tried any of these correctors? It can definitely be a challenge trying to find what works best for your skin. I definitely recommend trying samples of products until you find what you love. 

What's your favorite color corrector?


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