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Makeup Kit Essentials | For Beauty Lovers

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Late last year I shared a drugstore makeup starter kit for under $100 and everyone loved it and pinned it like crazy! I figured I'd follow up, in a sense, with a second part to it for those that may be a step ahead of the "beginner" stages but still not quite a pro yet. 

Makeup Kit Essentials For Beauty Lovers // Makeup Starter Kit for Intermediates |


Primers - Yes, there's an s in there -- I personally think it's a great idea to have a couple of different primers for different reasons. One to minimize pores and give a more matte look and one to give you that glow from within look. 
Foundations - Like mentioned above, keeping a light coverage foundation along with a full coverage foundation is a great idea. 
Corrector - I have an entire post about what correctors are and how to use them and an entire post of the best under eye correctors too. A palette with all of the colors you may ever need, is a great investment! 
Concealers - Always keep a concealer to help conceal and brighten your under eye area and one that color matches your skin, to help conceal blemishes or dark spots
Powders - I have tons of powders and I always find myself reaching for translucent powders the most. I am dying to try this highly hyped setting powder, but currently love and use this powder in my under eye area. 
Blush - Blushes are some of my favorite! One of my go-to blushes for summer time is this one and one of my favorite fall blushes is this one
Bronzer/Contour - Finding a good bronzer and a contour powder can be difficult, but I find that this bronzer is the perfect neutral tone and this contour palette has a variety of shades. 
Highlight - With the current highlight craze, you will for sure find a plethora of different toned powders out there. My favorite line of highlights is this one
Setting Spray - My holy grail setting spray is this one, it locks all of my makeup in place for hours on end! 


Primer - Eyeshadow looks that crease within a couple of hours are a huge no, so this creaseless primer is a must! 
Eyeshadows - I have a post on 5 eyeshadow palettes everyone must own that covers all of the basic colors and needs. This palette is my current favorite! 
Eye Liner - I shared 5 of the BEST smudge-proof eyeliners with you all already, but I would love to try this one
Mascara - I'm picky with mascara, but I shared 5 must try mascaras late last year as well. 


Treatment/Balm - Always keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated, this duo is super cute!
Lip Liner - I have found my new favorite lip liner formula EVER, you must try them! 
Lipstick - This line of lipsticks is amazing and has hundreds of color choices and finishes. 
Liquid Lipstick - This liquid lipstick will stay on for EVER! 
Lip Gloss - It's always a good idea to keep a good gloss in hand for everyday looks. 


This brush set is really good and not a bad price and this makeup sponge is also really affordable. Always keep your tools clean, so a good brush cleanser is a must. Lastly, a good pair of scissors, tweezers, an eyelash curler and a sharpener are great additions to any makeup collection. 

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Makeup Kit Essentials For Beauty Lovers // Makeup Starter Kit for Intermediates |

That about covers it for today's post, my friends! I hope you enjoyed this one as much as the first makeup starter kit post. 

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