Color Combos With Nude’tude Palette Series | Golden Bronze Look

Welcome back everyone!!


Today I am back with another post for my series featuring the Nude’tude Palette from The Balm Cosmetics. I have a review on this palette here and my first post for this series here. Like I mentioned before, I will be doing different color combinations using only this palette. Which you can purchase here.


I have grown to really love this palette throughout the last month. There is a great variety of colors and the quality is amazing.




For this look, I decided to go for a golden bronze eye look. I’m not one to go for a darker eye look, but wanted to try something different. I hope you enjoy this look and try it out. I would love to see the recreations you all come up with, if you are on Instagram, send them to me–#beautywithlily or do the same on Twitter. 🙂




Eye Look


  • I started off by applying “Seductive” all over my eye lids with a shader brush. I made sure to really pack the color in.
  • I then took “Sultry” and used it as a transition color with a crease or blending brush, and applied it to the crease, and blended well.
  • Then using “Snobby” I applied that to the inner third of my eye lid, making sure to only pack it in the inner third.
  • Using the color “Sophisticated” to give the look some dimension, I applied that concentrating it on the outer-v area. With a big, fluffy blending brush, blend the color together ever so slightly. To give the look a smooth finish.
  • I took a black eye liner and tight lined my upper lash line, and an off white liner to line my water line. I then took “Sultry” and smudged it on my lower lash line, and added a bit of “Sophisticated” to give it some depth.
  • I finished the look off with “Sassy” on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eye to brighten the look.



And there you have it, pretty simple eye look. You can definitely add more color or wear less if you’d like. I think it’s a great eye look for transitioning into the Fall season.

Here are a few more pictures of the look.






I hope this was a helpful post and I hope you all try this look out. 🙂 Don’t forget to send me pictures! 🙂



Until next time loves! Have a great day!





Daily Nuggets…


-Last night after I showered, I figured I would try a beach spray in my hair and braid it in a few sections. This morning, I took them out, and let’s just say I ended up fixing my hair in a messy bun. It was horrible!


-This morning I did the 5 product makeup challenge on Instagram, that was harder than I thought!!


-Had a crazy dream last night! One of those dreams where you try so hard to wake up but you can’t…yep…don’t like those!



Disclaimer: I purchased everything myself, unless stated otherwise. All thoughts and opinions stated are MY own honest reviews. All pictures are taken by me, hence the bad lighting! 😉 I by no means, am or consider myself, a makeup artist. Amazon links are affiliate links.