My New Hair

So if you follow my blog or follow me on any other social media platform, then you probably know that I have dyed my hair. I wanted a change, but I wasn’t willing to chop my hair off, and I just wasn’t feeling highlights either.

So I found ALL over Pinterest a “Cherry Coke Red” hair color that is going to be big this fall, and I fell in LOVE with it. Initially, I was super hesitant about dyeing my hair, I really don’t do much to it. I have had highlights in the past, I’ve had full blunt bangs, and I went ombre last fall. But that’s as far as I would go with experimenting with my hair.

My hair is very near and dear to me…as much as I may complain about bad hair days and my hair being so flat, I actually do really like my hair.


Enough about that! Here is what I used to dye my hair.


After much research, I decided to go with One’n Only Argan Oil Hair Color.

It provides intense color and shine while conditioning your hair. One tube provides 2 applications, so this was perfect for my long hair.

I purchased this at Sally’s Beauty Supply and they were having a buy one get one free deal with this brand.

They had either a Medium Red Brown option or a Dark Red Brown, I went with the Medium Red Brown.


For a developer I went with a 30 Volume Extra Lift developer. I didn’t want the color to be too dull, but I didn’t want it to be super vibrant, so I went for a happy medium.


The application process was super easy, my mom did it for me since I do have quite long hair. I left the dye in my hair for 40 minutes. Most dyes that you purchase from the drugstore itch, really bad! This one didn’t, at all. It burned just a tad bit on my forehead where my mom would have to get to my baby hairs, but the burning sensation didn’t last long.


Washing it out, was really easy, and let me just say, I will NEVER use another hair dye besides this one. You can definitely feel how soft and conditioned your hair is while washing it out. It didn’t tangle one bit. I literally felt like I was washing out a conditioning hair mask. It left my hair super soft. I loved it!


Okay, so here are a few pictures of my hair. It looks completely different under certain lighting. Under the sun, it looks really red, under artificial lighting not so much. So getting pictures was really difficult. I took some where it looked like I had done absolutely nothing to my hair, but in person it’s very noticeable.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I do apologize for horrible quality pictures, and to those who have been waiting for this post. I’m so sorry! 🙂

This is what I was going for, I’m not sure how her hair was done….pretty isn’t it!


I hope you all have a lovely day! Until next time my loves, stay beautiful.

XOXO, Lily 




Daily Nuggets…


-Unfortunately, our family puppy Diesel, caught Parvo and didn’t make it. I almost didn’t publish this blog post, but it’s been long overdue. We love our dogs and take care of them very much, so it has been a rough morning and will continue to be a rough week. We are huge animal advocates, and treat our dogs as if they were children. We are all very sad and mourning our loss. Please bear with me, as I may not continue my regular blog posting schedule for the week.

Disclaimer: I am no hair stylist professional, nor do I consider myself one. Everyone has different hair types, so different products work differently for people.