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I was tagged by Katie over at Kate Spitz to do the Beauty Things I Suck At Tag. Katie does some great, short and sweet reviews. Make sure you head on over there and check her blog out.



On to the things I suck at….



1. Winged Liner — I can do a little flick and even a subtle cat-eye liner, but that’s as far as my cat-eye winged liner skills goes.



See these, I can’t do that…I suck at it!




2. Skin Care Routine — I wash my face, apply toner, eye creams, exfoliate once a week and moisturize. That’s as far as my skin care routine goes. I’m not the type of girl that has serums, masks, skin treatments…but I’m working on it.


3. Getting Haircuts — I am awful about getting hair trims every 6 weeks. I honestly don’t have a good enough reason as to why I skip on it, I just do. Bad…I know.


4. Not Touching My Face — I am constantly touching my face!


5. Styling My Hair — I can curl it, straighten it, throw it in a bun, and occasionally I’ll do a fishtail braid. But I am not hair savvy enough to do anything else…I so wish I could do a waterfall braid! I also can’t round brush my hair to save my life, I end up hitting myself with the brush or hairdryer…I just suck at it!!


6. Contouring — I can’t, I just can’t do it!  



Yep, I am pretty bad at a few things. What do you suck at? Do tell, so I don’t feel so bad about myself!



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And if you would like to do this tag, go for it my dear! Let me know if you do!


Until next time my loves!


xoxo, Lily