Halloween Tag

Happy Halloween everyone!!

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to do a quick, fun tag!


*Isn’t this the prettiest glittery pumpkin you’ve seen!*

*Image from Google Images*



Questions for the tag:

 1. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Easy, Hocus Pocus!

 2. What was your favorite costume?

You know, I actually don’t remember any of my childhood costumes. Just the pictures I’ve seen, my parents were saying the other day that I was always really scared to go trick or treating…seriously…I was that bad! LOL

 3. Do you like haunted houses?

That’s a huge NO! I’ve been to the Haunted House in Universal Studios, and Chucky chased me…no fun! I’ve been to several others and I’m always the one they pick on the most, I guess they can sense my fear!

 4. What is your favorite candy?

Anything chocolate!

 5. Do you decorate for Halloween?

Not really, I like more of the fall/harvest d├ęcor.

 6. Do you still dress up for Halloween? If so, what will you be this year?

No, I sure don’t dress up…I’m rather boring, aren’t I?

 7. What is one Halloween candy you can’t stand?

I have a big sweet tooth, so there really isn’t any candy I don’t like.

 8. What is your best Halloween memory?

One year we went to a haunted house type of thing, I was wearing flip-flops, not sure why? While running, one of my shoes came off, I had a chainsaw dude chasing me, and on top of that…we had 2 little kids with us. I was scared then, but it’s funny now. — You see why I don’t like haunted houses?

 9. What song comes to mind when you think of Halloween?

You know that creepy song played in the movie Psycho…yeah that one!

 10. What is your favorite part of Halloween?

Seeing all of the little ones dressed up, it’s the cutest thing ever!

 11. Would you rather trick or treat?

Uhm, treat!?

 12. Candy corn: take it or leave it?

Take it.

 13. If a black cat crosses your path, what do you do?

I’m not really superstitious…

 14. Do you carve/decorate pumpkins?

Every now and then we do…

 15. How old were you when you first stopped trick or treating?

Hmm, probably like 10ish…I’m not too sure.


16. Festival nail art- yes or no?

Sure, although I’m not the best at nail art.




Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween!


Feel free to do this tag and let me know if you do!

Until next time beauties!


*Happy Halloween from Sophie Lou!*

*A Throwback Thursday Halloween picture!*