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Most of you lovelies may know I started this series a while back. I have two previous posts on Undertones and Toners, if you would like to check those out.

Today I bring you, all about primers. There are so many primers out there, it can be overwhelming, so let’s jump right in.



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What is a primer? | The goal is to fill any fine lines, pores, and smooth your skin, so that whatever you apply next goes on a smooth and even surface. They also help keep your makeup stay put.

How to use primers? | Remember this, less is more, use primers sparingly.

What type of primers are there? | You can find mascara, eye shadow, lip, and foundation primers.

Mascara Primers:  Provide longer, fuller lashes and extend the wear of your favorite mascara, many actually protect, moisturize, and condition to promote healthy eyelashes and they help prevent flaking.

Eye Shadow Primers: If you suffer from oily lids, eye shadow primer will become your best friend!! Eye shadow primers help keep oil at bay and provide a tacky finish to help shadows stick and wear longer. They also help your shadows give the best color pay off.

Lip Primers: Lipstick smudges, feathers and fades. Sad, but true. The perfect lip primer will lock in moisture and create a smooth base for all of your favorite lippies.

Foundation Primers: There are a variety of foundation primers…pore minimizing, color correcting, mattifying primers. Choose one that best fits your skin type, have big pores–go for a pore minimizing primer. Have some redness–go for a green color correcting primer.


Extra Tips

Since foundation primers can be heavy duty, especially pore minimizing primers. Make sure to remove your makeup before bed and wash your face thoroughly. The last thing you want, are clogged pores.


I hope you ladies enjoyed this quick post!


What are some of your favorite primers?


Until next time beauties!



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