Beauty Crown Twitter Party

In case you missed my last post with all of the Beauty Crown information, please do read it here. This post will make a lot more sense.

Thank you for your interest in the Beauty Crown Twitter Party! Just in case you are not familiar with a Twitter Party, Shalunya has put together a great post that I will be sharing with you ladies today, with some great information about Twitter Parties.

We hope to chat with you Monday, November 25th!

“In short a Twitter Party is multiple people tweeting about a specific topic at a specific time. In our case we will be discussing Beauty Crown on November 25 at 1pm Central and 2pm Eastern. You participate by reading and sending tweets using #BeautyCrown. That’s the super simple answer.

However, I would like to offer you an additional option since Twitter Parties can be fast paced which can leave you feeling like you’re being left behind. We would like to introduce you to TweetDeck which is a great website to help you stay organized and in control during a Twitter Party. Actually it does far more than that. 

First thing you will need to do is to sign up for a TweetDeck account which is quick and simple. Once you get signed up and signed in, your screen will look similar to this.

While the standard setup is perfect for daily use we can optimize the columns to better serve us during a Twitter Party. What you should do first is to cancel all of the columns except for the Interactions one by clicking on the sliders in the top right corner of the column. Then click remove. Once you have only the Interactions column remaining, you will add a new column by clicking the + symbol on the left side. Then click the search button. Type in #BEAUTYCROWN and then click add column located at the bottom. This will add a column that follows all posts containing the Beauty Crown hashtag. The third and final column is the host column. Again you will need to click the symbol. Then click lists then click the blue create list button. You can title the list BeautyCrownHosts or even justHosts. You will then want to add @_j4ckie_, @lilianaayala07, @itzlizzo and @shalunya. This will ensure that you don’t miss any information being given by the hosts. The last and final thing you will want to do is to open the new tweet box in the top left corner which will extend the column in which you can write new tweets. Just remember to always include#BEAUTYCROWN to ensure that your tweets are being shown along with all the others.” – Shalunya

We hope to chat with you and answer any of your questions at our Twitter Party! Jackie, Liz, and Shalunya also have more information on their blogs about Beauty Crown and the Twitter Party.

Don’t forget to use #BeautyCrown to join in on the fun!

If you plan on joining in on the fun, please let me know down in the comments!<3

Let’s end this year and begin the next year together! <3

Until next time beauties!