It Girl Cosmetics | Review

Welcome back beauties!

Today I have a review for you ladies! I was sent these goodies by the lovely ladies from It Girl Cosmetics! You can find them on Twitter as well! 

“It Girl Cosmetics was founded in 2011 by Antionette Brown and Ebony Tyson, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs set on breaking ground into the beauty industry by offering quality cosmetics for the everyday consumer. After contemplating what they could offer to the beauty industry, these two ladies decided to create a line of cosmetics that consists of high pigmentation and bold colors without the use of private labels or a mass production company. One that women from all walks of life could truly enjoy. 


What does IGC mean by cruelty free?

IGC is independently owned and operated. Products from IGC are 100% cruelty free. No testing on animals (we love our furry friends). 

What does IGC mean by Natural Ingredients?

At It Girl Cosmetics, our goal is to provide you with high quality safe cosmetics. IGC is independently owned and operated, and therefore IGC has complete control over what is put into your product. All ingredients used to make your product is safe for you. No harsh chemicals, or irritants.

For more information or business inquiries:

Please Contact Us:

by email:

-From the It Girl Cosmetics website-

I am a big supporter and advocate for small, independently owned businesses, props to Antionette and Ebony for following their dreams! 

I was really drawn to this company, they are cruelty free, you all know I love my fur babies, and they are made with natural ingredients. Paraben free and no harsh chemicals.

On with the pretty lippies and swatches!

 It Girl Cosmetics

Luxurious Lip Color

Price: $10.00

Shade Selection : 27 shades

Mint Therapy Lip Balm

Price: $4.00

Shade Selection: 4 Flavors/Shades

-Left to Right | Drama Queen & Ebony-*

-Mint Therapy Lip Balm in Blue Mint, Luxurious Lip Colors in Drama Queen & Ebony-*

Overall Thoughts

I am very impressed with how smooth the lipsticks are, they are not sticky or drying on the lips. The pigmentation is amazing, one swipe and you have a great opaque finish.

Drama Queen is a purple color, great for this time of year, paired with a lilac lip gloss and you are good to go. Purple lips are in for this season, I’m definitely excited to rock a purple lip!

Ebony is a black shade, this lipstick will work perfect for ombre lips! I know there are plenty of tutorials out there for ombre lips. so I will skip doing a tutorial. 

Both lipsticks have a satin finish to them, the packaging is nice and sturdy, and they don’t have a smell to them.

The lip balm smells and feels amazing on the lips. I really like the shape of the tube, it’s more of an oval shaped tube, which goes well with the shape of our lips.

Thank you Antionette and Ebony for sending me your lovely products! 

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for updates, I know they are coming out with new shades for Christmas!

Until next time beauties!