Altair Beauty Brushes | Review*

There are tons of makeup brush brands out there, making it hard to pick the right brushes for you. So let me share with you a new brand of brushes! I promise, you will fall in love!

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Altair Beauty Brushes

Price: $29.99

Size: 15 Piece Brush set with Brush Roll

Where to purchase: Amazon

The Rundown

  • This is a 15 piece vegan synthetic brush set with a gold brush roll included.
  • They have a cute pink and white chevron design on the handle with a gold ferrule.
  • The brushes are super, super soft!
  • They have a wooden handle and an aluminum ferrule. 
  • The Brushes
    • Powder 
      • I actually found this brush perfect for applying blush, mainly because it’s not as rounded as usual powder brushes, so it made applying blush really easy, but it also works great for applying powder.
    • Angled Contour 
      • I am not big on contouring, so I really like this brush to give my face a subtle bronzed look, it also works great for applying blush. 
    • Dome Contour 
      • Like I mentioned above, I don’t contour, but this brush is the perfect shape to really get in under your cheekbones for a defined contour, it also blends really well. I use this brush for either highlighting above my cheekbones or for setting my under eye area. 
    • Foundation 
      • This set also includes a classic foundation brush, I am a sponge girl, so I don’t use these types of brushes to apply my foundation. However, I do find these helpful when I apply face masks, less messy and faster. But if you do like these brushes, there is one included. 
    • Concealer 
      • I normally use my fingers to really melt the product onto my skin, but afterwards, I go in with this brush. I also use this for spot concealing. 
    • Blending 
      • This brush reminds me a lot of the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush, this one isn’t tapered, but it works just like the Sigma brush. I have really enjoyed this brush, I always say that having a good blending brush is a must! We have to blend, blend, blend! 
    • Eyeshadow Brushes – Large, Medium, Small
      • These are awesome! I use the large brush to pack on color to my lids, the medium to highlight my brow bone, and the small to define my outer v. I have also found these to work amazingly well with loose shadows, little to no fall-out! 
    • Flat Definer 
      • I love this brush to define my lower lash line, it’s nice to really get in there, but not so hard that you can still blend it out. 
    • Angled Eye/Brow 
      • I did makeup for a party earlier this month, and I used this brush–well to be honest, I used this entire set–I did a baby cat eye, and I loved the control and preciseness of this brush. I have also used it for my brows, and I really liked it for that too. 
    • Eyeliner 
      • I use this brush when I want to do a subtle eyeliner look, it gets into the lash line so well. It’s so easy to control.
    • Lip 
      • When I was doing makeup for the party, I used this brush to apply some lipstick, which works like any normal lip brush. But afterwards, I have found that I like this brush for eyeshadows as well, yes I did wash it beforehand. It’s great when you want to be super precise and have a lot of control. 
    • Spoolie & Lash/Comb 
      • I love the spoolie, it’s a bit more fluffier than most so after I’ve filled in my brows, it really blends out the product evenly and well. The lash/comb brush I use when I am grooming my brows, 

My Thoughts

  • I am super impressed and happy with these brushes, I wish I could let you all feel just how soft they are!
  • I have washed these and have not experienced any shedding.
  • I think this set is great for any beginner or expert, it includes a full set of brushes that can work on a full face of makeup.
  • It’s easy to travel with, I took this set with me out of town last weekend, and I didn’t find myself missing any of my other brushes. 
  • You really can’t beat this price, $29.99 for an awesome set of brushes!

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Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully check out Altair Beauty Brushes! If you are interested in purchasing a set of brushes, please click here. Not only are they cute, but they are great quality brushes!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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*Disclaimer: These brushes were sent to me for review purposes, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest. Some of the links above are affiliate links.