SKINUE Review + Giveaway*

Hey pretty gals! 
Lately, my skin has been acting up a bit…not sure why because I haven’t been trying anything new, I think it may just be hormonal. Anyway, I was asked to review a skincare line that pretty much focuses on acne prone skin. I thought it was worth a try. 
Let me share my thoughts on Skinue!

*These products were sent for review purpose, all thoughts expressed are 100% honest.

Pictures courtesy of Skinue website 

Sample Collection

About Skinue

  • At SKINUE, we believe in the power of natural ingredients and natural beauty. All of our acne products contain camel’s milk which addresses the bacteria on your skin that can cause acne. This special ingredient also contains anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce redness and irritation.
  • Most acne products contain chemicals like salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide which can cause your skin to become dry and irritated. SKINUE’s products actually hydrate your skin! The camel’s milk in our products will help your skin retain moisture, much like a camel does when they are in the desert. Our products will nourish and rejuvenate your skin without clogging your pores and causing you to break out.
  • Here at SKINUE, we think it is important to know what you are putting on your skin, especially your face! We receive all of our camel’s milk whey proteins from the Camelicious Camel Farm in Dubai, which is owned and maintained by the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates. Camelicious actually uses the camel’s milk to create healthy drinks, chocolates, and even cheeses!

The Rundown

  • Facial Wash – Our Facial Wash is unlike ordinary soap, it is a gentle cleanser for acne prone skin that cleanses the skin while preventing breakouts! Cleansers with harsh ingredients dry out your skin’s natural oils, which leads your skin to overproduce oil on the surface. This can ultimately lead to more acne! Our Facial Wash uses it’s unique ingredient, camel whey, to cleanse and remove oil, dirt, and dead skin without drying your skin in the process.
  • Cream – Our Cream addresses acne-causing bacteria while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. Carefully formulated with 3.5% camel whey, it offers a solution for acne treatment, spot reduction and blemishes while maintaining your skin’s freshness. This Cream is suitable for normal to dry skin as well as sensitive skin.
  • Massage Gel – Our Massage Gel eases the discomfort of sore, achy muscles! For serious sports, routine work outs, and everyday activities, our Massage Gel is the answer! It combines a powerful combination of botanicals that strengthen your skin, making you feel energized. The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula glides on the skin with ease and is perfect for adults or children. The Massage Gel’s relaxing properties make it ideal for massage therapy! To really nourish and rebuild your sensitive skin, use our skin care products as a daily part of your skin care regimen.
  • Gel – Our Gel has a fresh, non-greasy texture that gently addresses acne-causing bacteria. It speeds the removal of acne and will clear your break out fast! For better results, cleanse your skin with our Facial Wash before applying the gel.
  • Serum – Our Serum is a lightweight product that is easily absorbed and reaches deep into your skin’s layers. It is a great spot treatment for acne breakouts! For better results, cleanse your skin with our Facial Wash before applying the Serum!
  • Brightening Cream – Our Brightening Cream is the solution to a beautiful, even skin tone. It aids in fighting hyper-pigmentation, age spots, and stretch marks. This unique formula combines ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft and looking more beautiful than ever! With daily application along with our other skincare products, our Brightening Cream moisturizes and lightens your complexion. It is formulated with extracts of pomegranate, licorice, lactic acid, and camel milk proteins. Our Skin brightening cream helps lighten dark spots and achieve gorgeous skin.
  • Dry Skin Lotion – Our Dry Skin Moisturizer cures dry, rough elbows, hands, and feet! We spend a life time searching for a solution to our cracked skin. Well, you search for best skin care ends here ! The SKINUE Dry Skin Moisturizer is the answer you have been waiting for! Our lipid-rich cream is specially formulated to moisturize dry skin and replenish rough, cracked, or scaly skin. This Cream contains Aloe Vera and Henna extracts which moisturize and nourish the skin leaving it soft, fresh, and radiant looking.

My Thoughts

While I didn’t try everything in the sample pack, what I did try, I really enjoyed…and well, so did my skin. 

The facial wash and the acne serum have to be my favorite out of the bunch. A couple of days after using the products once a day, I could tell a difference in my skin. My breakouts were diminishing and were healing quicker. I have also been using the brightening cream to help with the scarring that my breakouts have left behind, while I haven’t been using this for a long time, I haven’t noticed a huge difference just yet. 

Also a favorite of mine is the dry skin lotion…I don’t have dry skin per say…but I do have dry elbows, so this has been a great product for that. 

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this little sample kit…and if you would like to try Skinue for yourself, they have been so kind enough to offer a giveaway to my readers, as well as a discount code! 

If you would like to purchase SKINUE products, I have a discount code for y’all!
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    • The sample collection is provided by Skinue, the beauty blogger is not responsible for shipping off prize. 

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I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Good luck to all entering! 

Thank you for reading!

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