My Writing Process Tour

This post is a little out of the norm for me, but after being nominated a few times, I finally had the time to sit and work on this post. 

So, I will be sharing with you all how my blogging “writing process” works. I by no means consider myself a professional journalist or anything…but I always like to read on other people’s organizational skills, so let’s get started!

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Jackie, from FiveTwo Certified, invited me to do this post. Definitely check out Jackie’s blog, if you haven’t already. She is a total fashion queen, living it up in the Big Apple! She has become such a close and dear friend to me, and I think everyone will just fall in love with her! 

Now onto the questions about My Writing Process:

  • What am I working on?
    • I’m currently working on a few posts that I intend to leave in my drafts section for days that I can’t get something up. In case you didn’t know, we are selling our home, so we will be moving out soon. Since that can be overwhelming, I want to have things to post. I don’t want to neglect my blog. I’m also working on filming videos, yes, I’m finally on YouTube! I also plan to pre-film and have content go up per usual. 
  • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    • There are SO many beauty blogs out there and most of them are strictly beauty, where others go more into the lifestyle side of blogging. I think my blog differs in the way that I do offer beauty related posts and fashion posts as well. I try to be consistent with my series and with my posting.
  • Why do I write what I do?
    • I started blogging because I wanted to find my “niche,” I wanted something I could do as a hobby…so my blog was born. I enjoy it very much! It has become a good way to interact with so many people and a great creative outlet. 
  • How does my writing process work?
    • It’s pretty simple actually. I keep everything in a notebook/calendar. I usually post on Tuesdays and Thursdays–today being an exception–and I like to fill out the month, at least a month a head of time. For example, usually by now, my September calendar is pretty much filled up. I do like to leave a day or two empty in case I have a sponsored post. I also have a section in my notebook where I jot down ideas for future posts. I like to carry my notebook in my purse, you never know when your creative brain will be on! Now with pictures, that’s a bit different. I’ve tried to just set a day to take pictures for the week, but that always seems to fail. I’m not sure why…taking pictures is so fun to me…but I tend to procrastinate in that section. Any tips? 

So yea, that pretty much sums up my writing process…nothing special at all. I am pretty simple. 

For the next Writing Process Tour, I have invited the following beautiful ladies, hopefully they will share with us next week, Monday, August 25th, their Writing Process!

  • Kelli – A Deeper Joy 
      • Kelli’s blog is relatively new to me, but boy have I enjoyed her posts. She has a great mixture of beauty, health and religious posts. She is a fellow Texan and I’m sure you will all love her! 
  • Stephanie – Diary of a Debutante
      • Stephanie is a pageant girl, she has some great tips…beauty, health and fitness. And she always has the prettiest outfits…she is a true Southern Belle!
  • Luzanne – Pink Peonies 
      • Luzanne’s blog is simply amazing! She has so many DIY mask posts, as well as super informative skincare posts, along with beauty and a few lifestyle posts thrown into the mix. She is a sweetheart! 

Definitely check out these three ladies, I promise you won’t be disappointed, they are all different and I have really enjoyed reading their blogs! 

Thank you all for reading, your time and support is very much appreciated!

Until next time beauties!

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