Must Have Eye Brushes for Beginners

A few days ago, one of you asked me a question on Facebook that inspired me to do a mini-series. In this mini-series, I’ll be sharing with you all a few things I wish I would have known when I was first getting into makeup. If you’re a makeup beginner, this is perfect for you!


Now, I by no means am or consider myself a professional, I’m just a girl who is completely self-taught and has a passion for makeup and all things beauty related. 

For this first post, I wanted to talk about eye brushes that I think are must-haves in order to create an eye look. They don’t have to be high-end, some of my favorite brushes happen to cost under $5!

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What are your favorite makeup brush brands? What posts/videos would you like to see in this mini-series for beginners?


Until next time beauties!!

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