Friday Favorites

Yay, it’s FRIDAY!! And I’m back with another Friday Favorites, everyone seemed to enjoy last weeks post, and I’m so glad y’all did! Thank you for the kind words!

Favorite Recipe // I enjoy using the CrockPot more than anything, especially on days when I’m tired and don’t want to mess with dinner. Just throw it in, turn it on and go on about your day! One of my favorite recipes here recently, have been these yummy Chicken Fajita Tacos, made in the CrockPot! Super simple, fast and yummy! I substitute the flour tortilla for corn, sometimes a gluten-free wrap, and I don’t load on the sour cream. Just to make it a tad bit healthier…if you will. 

Favorite Song // I have turned into a Belieber y’all! Yes, I’m in my mid-20’s and I love me some JB! Haha! Let’s be real, I’m not a hardcore Belieber, but I have been loving his latest song, Love Yourself. It’s so catchy and I often find myself singing it throughout the day. 

Favorite Show // Over Thanksgiving last year, I started watching Parenthood on Netflix and was hooked after that! Recently Netflix finally put up the last season, it’s such a good show y’all! I highly recommend it! I’m almost finished watching it, any other recommendations after I’m done?

Favorite App // This is not a new app by any means, but I use it so much I wanted to share. I hardly EVER pay full price for things…I mean, if you can save money, why not save money!? My mom literally calls me if she is going to do some online shopping to ask if I can find her any good coupons because I always save her some cash! Y’all have to check it out if you haven’t already!

Favorite Find // I’m always talking beauty here, but I always forget to mention nail polishes. I recently bought Wet N Wild’s Wet Cement…guys, I’m in LOVE! It’s gorgeous, I’ll have to post a pic on Instagram (beautywithlily) or Snapchat (lilyg07) soon! You can find it here, for only $1.99!!! 

That’s about it guys! I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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Until next time beauties!

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