Weekending in Texas

Well, hello there Monday, I am not happy to see you…

Today I am starting off the week by linking up with the beautiful Biana from B Loved Boston! I recently found her blog and have been hooked since, she is such a doll and has a variety of lifestyle posts. 

I have to say, I chose a pretty boring weekend to share with you all. My husband had to work and that left me and my little fur baby, Charlie to our selves most of the weekend. Nothing too exciting happened….

Friday // I always look forward to Fridays! I get out of work at 1 and the weekend begins! Since everyone else was still working, I decided to take Charlie to PetSmart to pick up some of his food and a toy, of course. He loves going to PetSmart and meeting new dogs. After running a few errands, we came home and I worked on planning this weeks events. I purchased The Happy Planner from Me And My Big Ideas in January, and I LOVE it! Such a cute planner and really affordable! 

Saturday // Since my husband had to work on Saturday, we stayed in on Friday night and watched some of our TV shows. Saturday morning was spent cleaning and doing laundry, fun, fun! After chores, I caught up on favorite shows that were filling up my DVR! Follow me on Snapchat, (lilyg07) I tend to post more on the weekends! I also filmed while dinner was in the crockpot. I seriously love the crockpot, best invention EVER! 

My husband made it home from work at 9 pm and was wore out! So another night in, I’m not complaining, I’m a homebody anyway!


Sunday // Sunday’s are LAZY days, for sure! I started off my morning by having a cup of coffee and playing with Charlie. He wakes up with SO much energy! After our lazy morning we made our way to the grocery store and ran a few errands. I tried a new eye mask and did my nails before the big game started. Lastly, we prepped for the Super Bowl and spent the night eating (a bit too much) and chatting away. What did y’all think of the halftime show? I was expecting a bit more…but it wasn’t awful. Anyone else think the commercials were a bit lame? Only a few were funny…I don’t know, may just be me. 

Well, that’s a little snippet of our exciting weekend at home! LOL! 

Wishing you all a good week ahead!


Until next time beauties!

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