L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Haircare | Review*

I have a big love-hate relationship with my hair! West Texas has horrible windy weather, causing my hair to be full of static and look like a hot mess. I usually have to wear my hair up and I don’t even bother curling it because it will end up looking like a bird’s nest…literally! Anyone else with me? 

I recently tried a new shampoo system from L’Oreal that has made me like my hair a bit more! (I say that because I am really considering cutting my hair into a long bob…can’t make up my mind!) 

Price | $4.99 – $5.99

Where To Buy | Ulta, Target & most drugstores

Product Claims 

L’Oreal’s first shampoo system with luscious, lightweight oils: argan, chamomile, coconut, amla, soja, and sunflower.

Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner 

  • Lightweight formulas for silkier, softer and most lustrous hair. 

Lustrous Oil Serum

  • Ultra-light, fast absorbing serum for silky shine. 

My Thoughts 

  • Since I started using this line, about 2 weeks ago, I have noticed that my hair is much more soft and silky. 
  • This line smells AMAZING and it actually leaves your hair smelling good. One of my pet peeves is picking out a smelly-good shampoo/conditioner but after using them, your hair doesn’t smell good! You know what I mean? 
  • The shampoo and conditioner are lightweight and I don’t feel like they weigh my hair down anymore than it is already. Same goes for the oil.
  • This line is intended for all hair types, and I believe it will work great for everyone. Especially if you have super dry hair. 
  • Another thing I noticed, when my hair air dries, it no longer looks like a frizz-ball!
  • One thing that I absolutely LOVE about this line…my hair is no longer full of static on windy days! 

I will continue to use this shampoo system and I am actually going to pick up the Transforming Oil-In-Cream product. Which is leave-in product with many uses: helps lock in moisture while blow drying hair and can also be used as a night treatment to rejuvenate hair. I’m really happy with how soft and shiny my hair is, and it doesn’t make my hair any more oily either. #win PS – My husband loves how it smells too!

Have you tried this line? What is your current favorite haircare line?

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*L’Oreal provided a product sample for review purposes