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Happy Monday friends! I’m usually not excited for Monday’s but today is an exception…it’s my Spring Break and I get an entire week off from work! Yay! But, unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and we had to cancel our getaway due to my husbands job. But all is well, I ended up having a horrible sinus infection and spent most of my weekend in bed anyway. We will have to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary some other day. 

Since I initially had plans on linking up with Biana for her Weekending Link Up, I figured I’d stick to the plan and let you guys in on my sickly weekend at home! How FUN! LOL!

Friday // Friday’s are my half days at work, but since I had been feeling terrible, I left earlier than usual to go to the doctor. I had been sick for a week and finally gave in and went to the clinic. (The saying…nurse’s make the worst patients…totally true!) I was given 2 lovely shots and a prescription for antibiotics…so there went my weekend. 

Saturday // Saturday was our 5 year wedding anniversary but my husband was out of town working. My parents came into town and I thought I was well enough to go have lunch with them, but that didn’t last long. Back home I went, to get in bed with my fur babies and watch some YouTube videos. Wild Saturday night!

Sunday // I felt a bit better and finally was able to get out of bed. I did some cleaning and finally settled down for the night to watch The Walking Dead. 

Sorry for the super boring weekending post…but I’d love to hear how your weekend went? Let’s chat below!

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