Spring Fling Tag

Unfortunately I had another video planned for today, but things didn’t go as planned, so in comes the back-up video! I like to have back-up videos pre-filmed, edited and uploaded, in case something doesn’t work out…internet issues, tech problems, scheduling, etc. Anyone else do that with blog posts? I should start doing that for my blog too! 

So I have a short, fun Spring tag! Fair warning, I’m a little ALL OVER the place in this video…I was super sick, had filmed 3 videos, my camera was going to die and I was hot from sitting in front of 2 windows and 2 studio lights! Please bear with me…lol! Okay…I’m done complaining. On to the video! 

I tagged a few beauties in the description bar, so make sure you check that out! And if you want to do it on your blog, let me know, I’d love to read your answers! 

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