Take Your Blog To The Next Level

When I first started blogging (almost 3 years ago) I had NO idea how big of an impact the blogging community was going to have on my life. The first year of blogging, I took it semi-seriously, but it was all mostly for fun and I had no idea what I was doing half the time. Then life happened, I got sidetracked and lost focus on my blog. But last year, I had an epiphany (it may sound dramatic, but I really had that “aha” moment) and decided it was time to get serious again! So I buckled down, set goals for myself and I worked my butt off to make 2016 the year for Beauty With Lily!


By now you guys have probably noticed a trend on my Friday Favorites posts…I usually link to a post I have found that week that helps with blogging, photography, SEO’s, etc. That’s how I came across Helene’s blog, Helene In Between. I’m sure most of you have heard of her blog and probably already follow her. She is legit a Blog Boss Babe!

So, with that said, I am so happy to introduce you guys…in case you haven’t heard…of a brand new community for bloggers, Blog Boss Babe! Helene has worked so hard for the last 6 months to create a place for us all to gather at and learn.


A little about Blog Boss Babe:

  • It’s a monthly membership website that combines education on everything blogging and social media.
  • There’s over 11 hours of course video modules on blogging and social media.
  • Tons of downloadable worksheets and pdf’s.
  • Access to 14 mentors that are there to help answer any questions. All of them ranging from fashion bloggers, graphic designers, shop owners, travelers, YouTube creators, etc…all of them make MONEY from their blog!
  • A private community and forum where you can collaborate with other bloggers and grow blog. And Helene is also a huge part of the forum!
  • Discounts on blogging resources, such as blog designs and classes.
  • Blog Audits, where Helene and the mentors will look at your blog and let you know what you can do to grow and make money!

Guys…Blog Boss Babe has SO much to offer, that’s just a snippet! I have already learned so much and have slowly started to apply some of that knowledge to my blog. And I’ve only been a member for about a week! (I’m so glad I joined in on her live webinar where she revealed the huge news to her viewers before making the big announcement on her blog!)

So you’re probably wondering about the price…well, it’s ONLY $37 a month!! If you decide to become a VIP Member, then it’s $47 a month…but it comes with a few extra perks! 😉 Like this cute mug that I can’t wait to show off! 🙂


I hope you all take a few minutes of your day to take a look around Blog Boss Babe, and hopefully decide to become a babe yourself. Trust me…Blog Boss Babe is the REAL DEAL, so let’s take our blogs to next level together!