Weekending | Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Monday, friends! I just realized that I have not shared a Weekending post in awhile! It’s probably for the best though…I am super boring and most of our weekends are pretty chill…so you guys would eventually get bored of them. Haha! 

Friday // Was such a busy day, as soon as I got home from work, I filmed a couple of videos, did laundry, cleaned a little and packed for our weekend out of town. As you can see, little Charlie was ready to go! He slept on my lap almost the entire trip. We made it in to my in-laws, just in time for dinner. Afterwards, we visited with our good friends that we hadn’t seen in a few months. It’s always nice catching up with old friends…as you can see, one of their little one’s was cuddled next to me! Such a sweet girl! 🙂

Saturday // Saturday mornings are perfect for chocolate donuts while in your PJ’s…you see Charlie eyeing that donut! 😉 We played with my in-laws puppy…yes, PUPPY! He’s a 7 month old German Shepard and weighs 65 pounds! Look at him…he’s so big! After spending some time with my in-laws, we headed over to my parents house, where we spent the night and watched the boxing match. 

Sunday // After breakfast, I cuddled up with our sweet fur babies before getting ready for Mother’s Day! We had a great day, full of love, laughter and FOOD! We also took the fur babies out for a car ride and pup cones! The weekend went by incredibly fast, before we knew it, it was time to make the drive back home and get ready for the oh so dreaded Monday! 

How did you spend your weekend? Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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