Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

In case you haven’t heard of the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara, I have a full and honest review. If you’ve been reading for awhile, I hope by now you know that I am always honest and keep things real here, on Beauty With Lily. Before trying these out myself, I had heard nothing but good things, and pictures were ALL over Instagram raving about this magical mascara. I was intrigued! 

So when Heather Sufana reached out to me and asked if she could send me some goodies, of course I jumped on it! So, thank you so much Heather! All of her social media and website info will be linked below! Let’s get on with this review! 

Price | $29.00

Where To Buy | Younique Website

Color Selection | Black

Product Claims 

With a new brush and a fresh look, our proprietary, hypoallergenic formula brings life to tired lashes. Its two international patents pending leaves little wonder about why women are talking about which lash enhancer they use. Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%!

My Thoughts 

  • Let’s talk packaging, it’s nice and sleek and comes nicely packaged with it’s own bag.
  • The applying process can be tedious, you start by applying one coat of the Transplanting Gel, then add a coat of the fibers and seal it with another coat of Transplanting Gel…and repeat, if wanted. 
  • One tip, is work at a pretty fast pace and work one eye at a time. The nice thing is that the tubes are different, so you are able to easily tell them apart. 
  • Now, the fibers…I am not sure if this is user error or what, BUT…I had SO much fall out while I was applying in between coats. I even got it in my eye at one point. Like I said, not sure if it was just me…
  • I think I got a decent amount of volume with this, my lashes are already decently long, so I didn’t see anything in length that I can’t find in a drugstore mascara. 
  • Now, there is a con…the fall out is insane! I have a picture down below (not the best quality, but it was a long day and I didn’t want to pull out lights and my camera for one shot) I had little black dots and fibers all down my cheeks and if I tried to dust them off, they would smudge like crazy. This happened to me every time I wore it. — and yes, I did seal it with a coat of Transplanting Gel once I was finished, I made a typo in the collage above. Oops. 
  • I had no trouble removing this with regular makeup remover, makeup remover wipes and facial cleansers. 

Overall, I like the concept behind this product and I would honestly repurchase, IF the fallout wasn’t as bad as it is. I do like the finish result, but most of my favorite drugstore mascaras give off almost the same affect. See here for one example and see here for another! 

If you are interested in trying any Younique products, you can find Heather on Instagram (chachiesmakeupbag)

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

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