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I’ve said it time and time again, Ulta has the BEST rewards system EVER! Especially once you reach Platinum Status, as a Platinum we got the chance to purchase the Lorac Pro 3 Palette before it hits the shelves AND before it’s available online for everyone else! 

First look and swatches of the NEW Lorac Pro 3 Palette |

The Lorac Pro 3 Palette will be available online on June 12th and it will be in stores on June 26th…at least for Ulta. It costs $44 and it includes a Mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer (which is not a bad primer.)

Now, I received this palette a few days ago, but I was out of town and just now have the chance to get swatches up for you. I wanted to do a full review before it released online but I think it’s pretty much impossible. So I will give you my first impressions instead. 

First look and swatches of the NEW Lorac Pro 3 Palette |

For the most part, all of the shadows are equally as good as the other 2 Lorac Pro palettes, with the exception of one shade…Medallion. It has chunky glitters throughout and it was hard to swatch. No telling how it will work on the eyes, or if it will work better wet. But for now my first impression of it is not so good. 

First look and swatches of the NEW Lorac Pro 3 Palette |

Like I mentioned, all of the other shadows are super creamy and live up to the Lorac Pro shadow quality. If you own any of the other Lorac Pro palettes, you are probably aware of the creaminess and fallout of these shadows. Some don’t mind that, while others can’t stand it. Personally, I don’t mind it, as I’m used to tapping off the excess from my brushes before applying anyway. At a glance, there are a couple of shades that look similar to the other palettes, but they differ in tone, so none of the shadows are identical to the previous palettes.

So far, I like this palette! I can’t say too much because I have yet to use it, but the colors are beautiful and muted, perfect for everyday looks, but you can also easily create smokey, dramatic eye looks. 

I love the other 2 pro palettes so much, so I can see myself loving this one just as much! 

Will you be purchasing this palette? 

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First look and swatches of the NEW Lorac Pro 3 Palette |

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