I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and I’ve never done a “currently” post here! So today’s the day for one! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! 

Feeling // TIRED and ready for the weekend! You guys, this first full week back to work has kicked my butt! Over the summer there were new laws passed on vaccinations so things have been insane, along with Open House, and paper work…I’m ready for a cocktail and a good YouTube binge! 

Wearing // The heck out of It Cosmetics CC Cream! I was a bit hesitant to try it, but it has surprised me! I will have a more in depth post or on it soon. 

Eating // Like crap! Thankfully we haven’t been eating out, but we haven’t been eating healthy either, except last night we had mashed ‘cauli-tatoes‘ and my husband had no idea they weren’t potatoes! #win 

Watching // the Olympics! You guys, I’ve never been into watching the Olympics, but this year for some reason my husband and I have been watching then nonstop. We haven’t even watched any of our regular shows because were busy cheering on the US! 

Enjoying // going to bed at a decent time. Albeit, I have to take some over-the-counter medicine to help me sleep, but I wake up feeling so refreshed in the mornings. (I have terrible insomnia and it worsens during my summer break.)

Wanting // to start meal prepping but just the thought of it overwhelms me a bit. I might wait and give it a try once the business of coming back to work dies down. 

Annoyed // at my cellphone! It’s been acting up like crazy…and I’m hoping it can hold on until the new iPhone comes out! 

Dreading // the pile of paperwork that’s waiting for me at work…seriously guys, it’s a HUGE stack! 

Loving // that football is finally back on! I can’t wait for some college football games! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

What have you currently been up to? 

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