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August 8, 2016

Call me nosey, but I LOVE reading these types of posts! So I thought it was fitting to do one. This is a somewhat usual summer day for me. I say summer day, because I’m off during the majority of the summer months, once I go back to work…my days change a LOT! I hope you enjoy this and I hope you have a wonderful day! 

–PS — Some of these pictures are NOT the best quality because I was home alone and didn’t any help, so my little iPhone had to do. But at least I’m showing you the real deal…nothing is staged. LOL! 

This particular day that I decided to share with you all, was pretty much taken up with blogging and filming. I like to film 3-4 videos at a time and afterwards I like to work on the following week’s blog posts. It’s a great way to help me stay ahead and also free’s up the rest of the week for my online classes. 

This morning I was woken at 8:45 by my sweet pup! My husband goes off to work before 6 o’clock in the morning, so after I send him off, I take Charlie out and he goes to bed with me. He LOVES summertime because he get’s extra time with momma! LOL! And he’s the sweetest alarm too. So up we go to feed him and let him out again…I usually let him run around the yard while I water my plants and drink some coffee. 

After breakfast and after my usual phone call to my mom, it’s time to get ready to film…I’ll wash my face (I shower at night) and fix my hair. Getting ready and setting up my lights takes SO long! Little Charlie is SO good (most of the time) and naps while I film…which gives him EXTRA energy for later on in the day. 

After about 3-4 hours I’m finished filming and it’s time to have lunch…while I have some lunch, Charlie usually munches on a bone or he’ll have a snack. I also like to take a little break and catch up on social media. So I’ll get comfy on the recliner and pull out my iPad…which by the way, has the CUTEST skin! Marble and gold give me life…so when I saw this on CaseApp’s site, I knew I had to have it! They have such trendy custom iPhone cases and skins! I decided not to customize mine, because I like it just like this. And in case you didn’t see my phone case over on Instagram, I have an even cuter case on it…pink, gold AND marble! Also from CaseApp! 

Just so happens that I have a coupon code in case you want to be twins and get the super cute phone case or skin as well…or maybe you want to customize your own! Use code: BEAUTYWITHLILY20 for $$ off until the 17th of August! 

Okay, back to my day…after catching up on social media, I settle at my desk and start working on either editing, blogging, or anything related to the blog. I work at my desk for about an hour or so and then I get my gear out again to start taking pictures. Just like my videos and posts….I like to get them all done in advance. 

My husband made it home earlier than usual on this day, so he picked up dinner on his way in, so I didn’t have to cook. Normally, I cook 5-6 days a week…we try not to eat out too much. 

After dinner, it was time to shower, relax and paint my nails. I usually end the night by watching a few YouTube videos or catching up on my DVR shows. 

My summer days vary by day though, some days I’m at my computer ALL day working on my online class work. While other days I go out, run errands and do a little bit of shopping. This day just happened to be full of fun work. Haha! 

I’ll be going back to work soon and my days will be NOTHING like this…it’s definitely an adjustment…and the first couple of weeks are rough. But, if you would like to see what a typical day looks like for me once I start working…let me know! 

I hope I didn’t bore you too much and you stuck this post out! Don’t forget about the CaseApp discount code –> BEAUTYWITHLILY20 <– I’ve gotten so many compliments on my case and several people mentioned they were going to be ordering one soon…it’s just too cute! 

*This post was sponsored by CaseApp

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