Fall Decor Inspiration

Most of you probably know that we sold our first home and moved a couple of years ago, and we have decided to wait and really weigh our options. We now live in a MUCH bigger city, so we have a lot of options that we didn’t have before, what school district do we want to be in, how close do we want to be to our jobs, how big of a house do we want…what about building, we can build! I mean…there’s SO much that goes into buying a house, it was so hectic buying our first home and right now, with how busy I am with school, it just isn’t the time for us to dive head first. So we are giving it some time, praying about it, and in the mean time saving some money. 

Rustic, Glam Fall Home Decor

But, one thing I really miss about owning a home….decorating for the holidays! Currently all of our belongings are in a storage unit and it would be impossible to get things out just to decorate. Instead, I decided to hit up the internet and share my personal style Fall decorating style. Personally, I don’t like decorating for Halloween…I like to go for a more Autumn vibe, and you can leave it up longer! 

Notice a trend? I definitely like to go the non-traditional route and go with a mix of both gold and silver, with tons of white! I feel like my style has changed so much since we moved and quite honestly, I want to open my storage unit, have a huge sale and start over fresh! My previous home decor style was much more traditional, but I’m so into the grays, creams and pops of gold and silver. 

How are you decorating this Fall season? What is your style like? 

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