From Pinterest To Your Closet | Burgundy Fall Outifit

Does anyone else find themselves pinning outfit inspiration like crazy on Pinterest so you can reference back to it next time you’re out shopping…but you ALWAYS forget? Let’s say you do remember, but the picture takes you to a blog that doesn’t link anything, or worse, the picture doesn’t take you to any site at all!

From Pinterest To YOUR Closet | Burgundy & Blush Fall Outfit
I’ve done this one too many times…and it’s seriously so annoying. So that’s when my idea for this new series, From Pinterest To Your Closet, was born. Full disclaimer: I’m sure someone out there already has a post similar to this, so I can’t take full credit for this idea.

In this series, I will find a popular outfit photo on Pinterest and find pieces, for both plus-size and non-plus-size ladies and link them below! I am so excited for this new series that I skipped today’s video to share this a couple of days early! I really hope you all enjoy and share this post on Pinterest!

Burgundy & Blush Fall Outfit

Today’s Pinterest find is this beautiful burgundy and blush outfit. Isn’t it perfect for Fall!?! These two colors together are stunning, feminine and not seen used together often. In the picture, it’s hard to tell if she is wearing a blazer or a shirt. So I went with a blazer, because they are so versatile and easy to dress up and down. Now the blanket scarf she is wearing has an array of colors, but it was difficult to find one exactly like hers. But the one I linked has the burgundy and blush hues.

I really hope you ladies enjoy this new series and perhaps even send me some pictures for any upcoming posts. I have linked options below for plus-size women as well as regular sizes. This was such a fun post to put together!

What do you think of this color combo? Is this something you would wear?