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October 17, 2016

Over the Summer I shared what a day in my life looked like, but now that school has started, my days are SO much different. In case you missed that post, you can find it here. A lot of you seemed interested in taking a peek at what a typical day for me looks like when I’m back to work. I get it…I like to see what other people do too! 

My mornings usually always begin at 5:30 am, my husband usually leaves at 6 am, so I get up early to fix his lunch and send him off. I then wash my face and start putting on my face. I’m NOT a morning person at all, so I’m super slow in the mornings. I take my time doing everything…and it totally doesn’t help that I do my makeup while in bed! While I do my face, I watch a bit of the news and I also catch up on some DVR or YouTube videos. 

Unfortunately, I have to leave my comfy bed and get my lunch ready. Most of the time, I take leftovers, a salad or if I’m in a hurry I’ll grab something on the way to work. I fix my hair, get dressed and out the door I go. In case you’re wondering, my brother lives with us, and he leaves much later than I do. So he takes care of feeding Charlie — huge help! Sometimes I have some time to stop by and pick up some coffee, but more than likely I’m rushing and don’t have time. I love listening to the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on my way to work. 

Once I get to my office, the kids start pouring in. No joke! Since I leave pretty early, I eat breakfast in my office. I forgot to snap a picture of my cereal, but I also had a banana mid-morning. Kids and teachers come in and out ALL morning long, it’s definitely the busiest. In between kiddos and computer work, I sneak in some blog reading if possible. When lunch time rolls around, I usually take 30 minutes away from my desk. But on this particular day, we were SLAMMED! The other nurse was out seeing kids in the cafeteria while I stayed in the office and tried to eat while seeing kids. Normally, I would just wait, but I had an appointment to donate blood at 1:30. It would not be a good idea to donate blood on an empty stomach, so I scarfed down my food and headed to our school’s blood drive. I donated Double Red Blood Cells, so the process was about an hour long. 

After donating blood, I made my way back to my office and found some sweet treats on my desk. PTA brought in some goodies to enjoy as an afternoon snack. I mean…how am I supposed to lose weight like this!? The afternoon was a little slow, so I did some blog reading and brainstorming in my planner for future blog posts. Once the last bell rings and the halls clear, I am out of there! It was a dreary and rainy afternoon, perfect weather for some cuddling with Charlie — but he’s not a cuddler. Speaking of Charlie, I’m always greeted by him and one of his many toys, at the door! LOL! 

After letting Charlie out, it’s time to feed him…his favorite time of the day. LOL! Soup was the perfect meal, for this rainy evening. After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, I hit the shower and double check that my post is scheduled to go live the next morning. My husband and I will watch some TV, on this Thursday night we watched some football. Once I’ve had enough football, I head on over to the other room to watch some reality TV and paint my nails. I change nail colors 2-3 times a week. I don’t like naked or chipped nails. We will play a bit more with Charlie, wear him out. And we are usually out by 10:30. And the routine starts ALL over again the next morning. 

My life is less than exciting, we enjoy a quieter life, but we certainly hope that one day we can add children to the mix. I hope you all enjoyed a little peek into my life.  

What is your day to day life like? How do you spend your evenings?

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