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November 16, 2016

I think it’s time we take a mini break from all of the gift guides I’ve been posting lately #sorrynotsorry — I told you I loved this time of year a little too much. So to break things up a bit, today we are talking makeup, drugstore makeup.


Before I really got into makeup, I had this perception that makeup from Walmart or any drugstore, wasn’t any good and that you had to spend an arm and a leg to get the good stuff.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Some of my holy grail items that I purchase time and time again, happen to be drugstore brands.


So with that said, I wanted to share just how you can build a well rounded makeup kit — made up of just drugstore items. Yay for not breaking the bank! Let’s get into it.



Foundation — You want to go with a foundation that best suits your skin type, the one linked below is best suited for combination to oily skin types. However, it’s sister foundation is great for normal to dry skin types.

Concealer — There are a plethora of concealers out on the market, some best for really dark under eye circles, others for scarring, and some for acne. This particular concealer works great on all of the above.

Powder — If you happen to have dry skin, you may want to skip a setting powder…but for my oily girls, this one is a wonderful affordable option — you can get it in a translucent shade or pick up a shade that matches you for a bit more coverage.

Blush — This 4 pan option is a must have — 4 different blushes for $6!

Bronzer — I love that this palette comes with a bronzer, a contouring shade, a highlight and a setting powder — for $6! Talk about getting a great deal!



Eyelid Primer –If you don’t have to worry about oily eyelids, like I do, then this $2 primer will work just fine for you.

Eyeshadow Palette — Thankfully, drugstore brands are now coming out with more and more eyeshadow palettes rather than single eyeshadows. This one is under $7 — sometimes you can find them discounted by half when there’s a sale — and you can find different color ranges.

Eyeliner — Personally, I haven’t tried many drugstore liquid eyeliners, but this pencil is really creamy and pigmented. You can also find several different colors.

Mascara — You might have try dozens of mascaras until you find the one…but you can’t go wrong with this one. It gives great length, decent amount of volume and the wand is small so you can get into those lower lashes really well.

Eyebrows — If you’re a beginner, I suggest you start out with this eyebrow gel and slowly venture out to other products. This gel will tint your lashes and it has small fibers in it that makes them look fuller.



Nude Lip Gloss — I like to wear pinky-nude glosses everyday to work, so these are a great option. They are comfortable and smell like cake!

Berry Lipstick — For days you want a bit more color and something that lasts longer than a gloss, a berry or pinky shade will do just that for you.

Red Matte Lipstick — Ever girl needs a red lipstick in her collection…even if you aren’t that into them. There’s just something about a sexy red lip. Take it from me — I was not comfortable enough in a red lip, but now I love them!



Sponge — I love to use a sponge when I apply my foundation, and this one is the closest thing that I’ve found that is similar to my beloved Beauty Blender.

Powder Brush — Because one simply can’t apply powder with their fingers…

Blush/Bronzer Brush — Preferably, you want 2 different brushes for your blush and bronzer…but if you wipe off the excess you can use one for both products.

Blending Brush — Great to apply a transition shade, deepen the outer corner and blend everything at the end.

Eyeshadow Brush — Perfect to pack on a lid color, brow bone highlight and inner corner highlight. 

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If you are a beginner, I really hope this helped you out…and if you are an experienced makeup user — I hope I was able to introduce a few affordable products you’d like to try in the future. Thank you so much for reading!

Want to add even MORE to your starter kit? Here is a list of more makeup kit essentials!

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