How To Save Money On Beauty Products

March 8, 2017

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During the month of February, I decided to go on a no-spend — basically deciding to NOT purchase any items that I did not need. While I did pretty good, I definitely didn’t make it the entire month. But during that month, I did learn a few things about saving money and I’d like to share them with you guys! 

How To Save Money On Makeup // Tips On Saving Money On Beauty Products |

Unfollow Brands 

Brands know how to work social media, so one thing I found extremely useful was unfollowing them — especially on Instagram. I can’t tell you what new products a company is coming out with because I don’t need to know. I have tons of products that need more love in my collection, so I don’t need to add a new eyeshadow palette or lipstick to my vanity. 

Sign Up For Rewards Programs 

Almost ALL big department stores, even drugstores, have rewards programs nowadays. In my opinion, Ulta has one of the best rewards systems out there — on your birthday not only do you get a couple of free gifts, but you get 2x the points all month, you can earn up to 5x the points during special offers, and once you spend $450 in a calendar year you reach platinum status which is even better! When you become platinum, you earn points faster, your points NEVER expire, you get EXTRA birthday love, and you can get super early access to hot new releases! I mean…doesn’t that sound awesome!? I know a lot of people “die” over Sephora’s points system, but it’s not my favorite to be honest — but to each their own. Always ask about rewards systems and join, most of the time you get an incentive just for signing up! 

Unsubscribe From Emails 

Just like the first tip, you won’t be tempted if you don’t see it! I can’t say that I’ve unsubscribed from ALL of my favorites, but what I will do is delete them. I don’t even open the email, it goes straight to the trash folder! There was a short period where I would go to Michael’s just because I had a good coupon — I never actually needed anything, I would just go and spend money for no reason! Not anymore!


Yep, good old fashion couponing can save you load of cash — have you watched Extreme Couponing?! That show totally changed my perspective on couponing. I used to be embarrassed about pulling out coupons when I was in line at a store — but then it hit me, why should I be embarrassed about saving money!? I’ve walked out of Target saving over $50 at a time because of coupons now. And yes…you can use coupons at Ulta too! 

Live By The 24 Hour Rule

This is something newer to me — if I am out shopping and I find an expensive lipstick that I really like, I give myself 24 hours to think about the purchase. If I can’t get that lipstick out of my head, have dreams about it, so on….then I’ll buy it. But if I forget about it, then I definitely don’t need it. Try it guys, it actually WORKS! 

Use Ebates 

Ahhh, Ebates — it’s awesome you guys! I’m sure you have probably heard of it by now, but in case you haven’t, I’ll fill you in. If you do a lot of online shopping, you can sign up for Ebates, install their “Cash Back Button” onto your computer — once you log on to an online store that Ebates offers cash back on, the button will instantly notify you! You click the button and you’re on your way to getting cash back…just for shopping online! Tip — You can also use this feature and instead of paying for shipping, you can do free in-store pickup and save even MORE money! I do this all the time when shopping at Target or Kohl’s! 

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two to help you save some cash, because who doesn’t like to set some extra money aside for a special occasion or vacation?! 

What do you do to save some money on makeup? 

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How To Save Money On Makeup // Tips On Saving Money On Beauty Products |

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