Smudge Proof Eyeliners + Tips & Tricks

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Hi friends, I’m back after a week off! Let me just say, a week feels like an eternity in the social media realm — but it was a much needed and enjoyed break! Today I’m finally talking eyeliner formulas, along with some tips and tricks to getting a liner look that doesn’t budge all day! I received a couple of request to put something like this together and after trying many eyeliners, I think it’s time to share my final thoughts with you all.

Smudge Proof Eyeliners // Best Eyeliner Formulas for Oily Lids |

Eyeliner Formulas

There are different types of formulas out there — you may have to test a few products out to find the formula that works best for your skin type and needs.

Liquid Liner — Is probably one of the hardest to apply, but it’s doable with patience and a steady hand. You can typically find liquid liner in a tube with a tiny brush.

Gel Liner — Will be one of the easier formulas to work with, it’s a thicker and creamier consistency. Generally, you will find gel liner in a potted packaging. You will need a stiff, angled eyeliner brush to apply this.

Ink Pen Liner — This is basically your liquid liner packaged in a pen format. It’s easier to control a pen and usually the tips are very fine.

Pencil Liner — If you are an eyeliner newbie, it will probably be best to start off with a pencil liner and work your way up. Pencil liners are super easy to control however, no matter how sharp your liner is, you may not be able to achieve a sharp, thin wing, but you can also use these for your waterline and tightline.

Smudge Proof Eyeliner Favorites

I’ve tried many eyeliners and I’ve narrowed down my smudge proof favorites! And when I say smudge proof, I mean they don’t budge at all! I have oily eyelids, so it’s difficult to find a formula that doesn’t smear all over the place for me. Fair warning though, most of these are high-end — most of the drugstore liners I’ve tried just haven’t cut it for me. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something for you. Just click on the pictures below to shop these liners! 


Smudge Proof Eyeliners // Best Eyeliner Formulas for Oily Lids |

Gel Liner Favorites 

Ink Pen Liner Favorites 

Pencil Liner Favorites 

Tips & Tricks 

  • Don’t squint when applying eyeliner, instead look down into a mirror.
  • Try using clear tape to practice doing winged liner, practice makes perfect!
  • Always have your elbow on a steady surface, it helps avoid a shaky hand.
  • Don’t tug the side of your skin, it creates a thicker line.
  • If things get messy, have a small precision brush and concealer on hand to clean up any mistakes.
  • Eyeliner didn’t turn out even, or you messed up? Smudge it for a sexy, subtle, smoky eye look!
  • To make liner last longer, set it with black eyeshadow!

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That’s a wrap for my favorite eyeliners, along with a few tips! I hope this was helpful and perhaps you found a new eyeliner you would like to try next time.

What is your favorite eyeliner?