5 Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know

 Are you a gal that’s always on the go? Then these 5 beauty hacks every girl should know will help make your life easier! 

Seems like any type of “hacks” are making a big storm all around the internet — they are everyone on YouTube and Pinterest! And not to toot my own horn or anything, but the following “hacks” I’m going to share with you guys, I’ve been doing since way before the hack-craze hit the internet. I’m sure we all have a few that made you say, “hey, I’ve been doing that for years!” Here are my 5 favorite beauty hacks!

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Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know | beautywithlily.com

5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. Save Your Mascara 

If you notice that your mascara, that never clumps, is beginning to clump — add a couple of eye drops into the tube. This helps thin out the formula and make it last a bit longer.

2. Never Over Pluck Your Brows Again 

I always groom my brows before removing my makeup, especially if I had a good brow day. I can easily see what stray hairs are lingering around and I avoid over plucking!

3. Keep Bobby Pins In Place

I have a lot of hair, but it’s so sleek and straight, that sometimes a bobby pin doesn’t stay in place. Easy solution, apply a bit of hairspray to it before putting in your hair!

4. Grow Hair Out Fast 

My hair grows extremely fast, I mean SUPER fast — my hairdresser is always amazed at how fast it grows. My secret — get a haircut every 6 weeks and take prenatal vitamins! Since I now have an established hairdresser I make sure to get a trim every 6-8 weeks, and along with that I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins for the last 5 years. These vitamins are my favorite, they are gummies and they don’t upset your stomach.

5. Make Applying Face Masks Less Messy

I love facial masks, but it can get messy rather quickly. I like to use a flat foundation brush, the cheaper the better, to apply face masks. I’m sure you all have an extra lying around somewhere.

I hope I’ve introduced you to a new hack or two — and for all of my fellow lazy girls, would you like to see a lazy girl hacks as well?

Do you have a favorite hack? Share with us below! 

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Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know | beautywithlily.com