Inexpensive Makeup Storage Solutions

If you are looking for ways to organize and store your ever-growing makeup collection, then these inexpensive makeup storage solutions might be perfect for you. 


Inexpensive Makeup Storage Solutions // Makeup Storage | Beauty With Lily

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If you are a makeup lover, or just like to be organized, than this post is perfect for you. I’m sharing a few inexpensive makeup storage solutions that you can find on Amazon, all under $30! No need to break the bank when you are trying to get organized. 

Inexpensive Makeup Storage Solutions 

The image below is shoppable, just click on the icons to be directed straight to the site. 

The first set of 3 acrylic drawers are the perfect size to house lip products. I have 3 sets of them and they fit most of my lip products perfectly on top of my vanity. This next piece is a great palette holder for those that don’t have too many eyeshadow palettes, but still want a nice way to display them. If you don’t have a ton of products, then this white vanity organizer might work really well for you. It has two drawers and storage on the top as well. For all of my lip gloss loving girls, this lip gloss organizer is a dream!! And how stinkin’ cute is this makeup sponge holder!?! 

I personally don’t own a town of single eyeshadows, but I know a lot of you probably do, so this single eyeshadow holder is perfection! I also think that this lip liner holder is amazing, it could also house eyeliners. Now if you are looking for something that will store a variety of things, then this acrylic organizer and this 5 compartment organizer (this is also great for brushes) will be best for that.

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I plan on sharing how I store my makeup once I declutter and organize it a bit better. It’s kind of a mess right now and it’s a bit overwhelming. 

How do you store your makeup? Share with me below!