Summer Beauty Tips & Tricks

June 11, 2018

Hot weather is here and it’s time to get prepped with these summer beauty tips & tricks! Everything from nails, skin and more! 

Summer Beauty Tips & Tricks // Summer Beauty Hacks // Beauty Hacks | Beauty With Lily #summermakeup #beautyhacks

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Hi friends! I’m back from a week long (not planned) break. Life happens and I just got extremely busy, unfortunately my blog is what had to be put on the backburner for awhile. So moving on to today’s post — I am talking all about hot weather beauty! I’m sharing a few summer beauty tips & tricks that I think are essential to know this time of year.

Summer Beauty Tips & Tricks  

Summer Beauty Tips & Tricks // Summer Beauty Hacks // Beauty Hacks | Beauty With Lily #summermakeup #beautyhacks

1 // Carry Baby Powder 

Baby powder can serve as a multi-purpose product — use it as a quick dry shampoo or if you’re at the beach, you can also sprinkle some all over yourself to get rid of the sand.

2 // Store Nail Polish In The Fridge 

During the hot months, our nail polishes can get a bit thicker and goopy. Storing your mani essentials about an hour before using them in the fridge, will help the nail polishes glide on smoother.

3 // Wipe Your Razor With Olive Oil 

Not only will this prevent it from rusting and from going dull sooner, this will also help prevent nicks.

4 // Freeze Aloe Gel 

To help soothe nasty sunburns. You could also just store a bottle of it in the fridge to give you a cooling and soothing effect.

5 // No Thigh Gap, No Problem

To help prevent chaffing, apply a bit of deodorant to your thighs. Problem solved!

6 // Avoid Razor Bumps 

By exfoliating 2-3 a week and moisturizing well. This also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

7 // Apply Deodorant On Your Hairline & Neck

This will help keep sweat at bay and your hair from sticking to you. Just make sure you’re using an invisible formula.

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I hope you learned a few new hacks in today’s post, my friend. I’d love to know if you have any secrets to deal with this hot weather, that you’d like to share with us! 

Do you have any summer beauty tips and tricks?

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Summer Beauty Tips & Tricks // Summer Beauty Hacks // Beauty Hacks | Beauty With Lily #summermakeup #beautyhacks

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