The Importance Of Self-Care

June 22, 2018

We live in such a fast-paced world that we tend to neglect ourselves. Maybe it’s time you consider the importance of self-care and putting yourself first.

The Importance of Self-Care // Self-Care Quotes // Self-Care Tips | Beauty With Lily #selfcare #wellness

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We all live pretty fast-paced lives, we’re always on-the-go and sadly, taking care of ourselves sometimes is at the bottom of our to-do list. If you spend any time on social media and Pinterest in particular, you’ll notice that self-care has become a BIG thing. But we shouldn’t wait until we get a huge wake-up call to practice self-care. So today, I’m sharing the importance of self-care.

The Importance of Self-Care

The Importance of Self-Care // Self-Care Quotes // Self-Care Tips | Beauty With Lily #selfcare #wellness

I personally think that a lot of people think of self-care as a selfish act — but quite honestly, it’s the opposite. If you want to be able to provide for others, you must first take care of yourself. We can’t put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. If we give, give and give — what will happen once we have nothing else to give? Just like the quote above — you can not serve from an empty vessel.

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Making your emotional health and your mental health a priority, not only keeps you healthy and sane, it also ensures that you’re able to be there for your family. And, keep in mind that self-care for everyone is different — perhaps you’ll find some quiet, alone time reading a book recharging, while others may need some time at a spa. Everyone is different, do what works for you.

Just think of self-care as identifying your needs and taking the necessary steps to meet them. It’s all about being as kind to yourself as you are to others.

The Importance of Self-Care // Self-Care Quotes // Self-Care Tips | Beauty With Lily #selfcare #wellness

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Don't wait for a wake-up call to start practicing self-care -- your health is far too important. Click To Tweet

I encourage you all to take some time to yourselves before a problem arises — don’t wait and stop making excuses. It may seem impossible with so much going on, but remember that your health is far too important to ignore. 

Do you practice self-care? What are some ways you do so?

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The Importance of Self-Care // Self-Care Quotes // Self-Care Tips | Beauty With Lily #selfcare #wellness

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