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I’m Lily, the girl behind Beauty With Lily. I am a nurse, wife, crazy dog mom — to our cute little pup, Charlie — blogger, beauty enthusiast, makeup connoisseur, and your everyday twenty-something southern gal. I am obsessed with puppies, iced coffee, Pinterest, HGTV, cloudy days, peonies and hydrangeas.

After leaving my job as a night nurse, I was left with not a whole lot to do, so I decided to follow my dream of starting my own blog. Sharing my passion of makeup with the internet quickly began a well-loved hobby, but reality set in — I quickly realized that I didn’t have the time, or the money, to keep up with the newest makeup products. So that’s when I decided to blog about MORE than just makeup. Beauty With Lily is now about ALL things beautiful in life and helping the everyday on-the-go woman how to feel beautiful! 

Beauty With Lily | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Texas Blogger

About Beauty With Lily

Beauty With Lily is a blog for your everyday, busy woman who is looking for a place to find beauty tips, easy makeup looks, affordable and trendy fashion, and your latest in life and style.

At Beauty With Lily, you can expect a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can also find me over on YouTube, where I will have 1-2 videos a week! I want this to be a place where you can come and find a little bit of happiness when you might be having a rough day, or perhaps you’ve finally had time to sit after a long day with the kiddos and want some girl time. Whatever it may be, I will work to make this a place were you can escape and take a break from your everyday life.

What You Can Expect 

Beauty With Lily | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Texas Blogger

I hope you can join me along the ride!

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